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If you’re a motorcycle owner, you do not have to carry the personal injury protection insurance. It’s important that you take all of your factors such as this into account when figuring out all the types of insurance you will need. In addition, homeowner insurance does not cover your boat, so make sure you educate yourself on how all of these insurance coverages interact with each other. Please continue reading for specifics on motorcycle and boat insurance.


Motorcycle Insurance

There are many ways your motorcycle could be damaged, aside from accidents, including flood and hurricane damage. If you’re 21 and have the right coverage, you do not need to wear a helmet, though you will still need to wear eye protection. Motorcycle insurance is not required in the state of Florida if you’re a bike owner, but it’s definitely something you will want to consider having in case of an accident or other occurrences. If you choose not to have motorcycle insurance and an accident occurs, you may lose your license and registration of your bike, be required to pay restitution, have judgments against you in civil court proceedings, and have a high-risk, mandatory coverage for at least three years in order to keep your license.

Boats docked at Marina

Boat Insurance

Boats are usually pricey property that you will want to have insured. As with motorcycles, boats are not covered under your homeowner insurance. In addition to boats being subject to damages from floods or hurricanes, boat accidents are also events that can occur. Even if you’re an excellent driver, it doesn’t mean everyone else will be, so make sure you are covered. In addition, you will want to make sure you have coverage for bodily injury in case of a boating accident. Please contact us for specifics on the insurance that we can offer you.

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